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    Our Mission: The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce is the champion for a successful business climate and a catalyst for a robust economy in our region.

  • Jackson County Economic Development Committee

  • The Jackson County Economic Development Committee (Jackson EDC) is standing ready to help you find your place here in Jackson County, Florida. Jackson EDC is the lead economic development organization in the County. The organization is focused to help with site selection, incentives, workforce recruitment, training, and whatever else you need to be successful here.

    Jackson County is located in a Governor-designated Rural Area of Opportunity. To enhance job growth and business expansion in these rural counties, the state and local governments provide incentives to attract new and higher wage employment opportunities in creative ways. In addition, the County has Federal New Market Tax Credit zones where special financial benefits are available to help fund new businesses locating within Jackson County.

    The EDC operates as a public/private partnership made up of the county, cities, private businesses and community partners who share the same mission and are committed to working together for economic prosperity. For more information, please visit the EDC’s website, www.jacksonedc.com.

  • Opportunity Florida

  • Who are we?

    We are an economic development organization made up of ten rural counties in the heart of Northwest Florida. The ten counties are Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Liberty, North Walton, Wakulla and Washington. We work with the counties, cities therein and the various local economic development organizations to market the many resources offered by this region.

    What is Our Mission?

    Based on its commitment to regional unity, Opportunity Florida promotes positive economic growth in this ten county region by providing technical assistance to economic development organizations and businesses and by working together with local, regional and state organizations to market the region to businesses and government officials.

  • Florida's Great Northwest

  • Florida’s Great Northwest is the regional economic development organization for the Florida Panhandle. The organization is an investorā€supported 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation created to promote Northwest Florida for economic growth and diversification, advocate for economic development issues that affect the region, and collaborate to improve regional competitiveness. 

    The organization accomplishes this in partnership with the state and local economic development organizations, rural regional economic development organization, utility partners, private sector businesses, local government, higher education institutions, workforce boards, and community leaders.